BeWaffled, Inc.

BeWaffled Inc. is committed to provide a fresh and natural match to our already excellent puertorican gourmet coffee.  Our waffles are made with the best ingredients in the market and produced in our plant located in Isabela, Puerto Rico. No preservatives or artificial flavors are used in their production.

Coffee has been an integral part of our culture ever since these precious beans of African origin where introduced to Puerto Rico, during the second half of the eighteen century.  Nevertheless, during the past decade there has been an increasing interest in gourmet style coffee on the island. 

On the other hand waffles have been enjoyed by western European culture for over 10 centuries. 

Our main goal is to elevate the coffee experience to another level with this delightful combination. 

We feel committed to provide our customers with great unparalleled service, and in turn their clientele with the urge to come back for more!  Great tasting waffles and unmatched service are our number one priorities!